Intelliborn Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important
The information provided by visitors at our site is not sold, transferred or traded to any third party for unsolicited marketing purposes. If you have provided us with a postal address, an e-mail address, or a telephone number, we may contact you if you have expressed an interest or if you have submitted a question about a particular product(s) or service need(s).

During your initial visit to our website, if you fill out a registration form or if you have recently purchased a product(s) and would like to log in to the customer center, we may apply a cookie to your computer. Cookies assist in remembering a user's session information and allow the webstie to dynamically server information pertaining to a particular visitor. Each visitor is free to accept or deny a cookie by changing the settings on the web browser.

Registered user information
In order to reach some parts of the website, such as downloads, or the customer center, the visitor may be required to enter personal information such as name, address, email, etc. The information provided will be stored for use by Intelliborn Corporation. Intelliborn also will collect and retain copies of all emails sent to us with inquiries or comments on the company or product(s). Email addresses or mailing addresses may be used to contact you about new products or offerings that apply to your interests. Company names given by registered users may be used in Intelliborn marketing material, unless there is an existing written agreement with the registrant's company.